“It is a stressful time for students and family members when a teen wants to learn how to drive.  The closer one is to a situation, the harder it is for all involved. People have many questions and need some guidance in how to navigate the State of Connecticut’s requirements for driving. The Elite Driving School’s Website was created to serve as your ‘One Stop Information Center’ as it answers all of your questions and responds to your concerns.”

- Seth Reichardt, Owner, Elite Driving School


Our Message

"Taking Driver’s Training is not just about learning how to pass a driving test - it’s about providing students with a foundation for a lifetime of Safe Driving."

How Elite Driving is Different...

The Elite Driving School’s comprehensive Curriculum focuses on teaching driving skills that positively influence teens’ approach towards driving. Click here for more details.

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Current Students

If you are a current student of Elite Driving School you can check the time and dates for your next in class session, schedule a road lesson, purchase class room preperation materials, and more.