Zone Control Expert Driving

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The book for EXPERT Driving, in its 7th edition, has been cited as the most effective blueprint for helping teen drivers acquire low-risk driving habits. It is the basis of the National Institute for Driver Behavior’s Driver Risk Prevention Curriculum, which is the model for several of the States that are leaders in developing effective driver training programs.

Monster Book

To effectively develop low-risk driver behavioral patterns into life-enduring habits requires a well-designed educational plan, a dedicated and knowledgeable educator, and an informed and highly motivated learner. The purpose of this book is to provide an educational plan that can be used as a blueprint by the teacher to provide the teen with details of specific actions that need to be performed repeatedly, over a period of time, so that habits will form. In order to provide the teen with ample opportunity for guided practice, this book brings the parent into the educational plan. This book is designed to promote good driving habits and behaviors that will last a lifetime of drivingTen model driver behavioral patterns that can be practiced into habit are explained and illustrated in full color. These ten habits will keep the monster within the car from breaking out of its cage. We all drive by habits. Most of the time habits are caught by chance, and it is usually the bad habits that are caught without any effort. It is easy to fall into the habit of following vehicles too closely, but it takes a well devised plan to help drivers acquire new model habits. This book helps drivers build one habit at a time while structuring perceptual and decision-making skills around the principles of the Zone Control Driving System. A driver with these ten habits has a built-in insurance policy for protection against wrongful actions.


This CD-Rom is a new educational process that places more responsibility for learning onto the teen and gives the parent a set of standards to guide the teens practice driving sessions. The teen and parent are able to view and respond to key behaviors within ten self-paced lessons at home to supplement classroom instruction and to reinforce behaviors that occurred during the in-car session. There are movie clips and hundreds of photos taken “from behind the wheel” to recreate decision-making moments for the teen.

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