The Adult Student

What happens if a person fails to renew his or her Driver’s License and the License is no longer valid?

The experienced driver might face the prospect of having to take another driving test. This can surely cause anxiety. Elite Driving School can offer specific training in all aspects of driving. You can even take a practice test online on our website.

There are occasions when the
Adult Driver
feels the need for additional training and wants more experience under their belts to overcome various issues. Sometimes, as a person gets older, they might develop irrational fears such as:

+ Developing phobias about driving on a highway

+ Experiencing anxiety driving in heavy traffic

Our instructors are trained to always act professionally and courteously. They treat each student, no matter the age, with respect and dignity. An older driver sometimes needs reassurance they are capable of updating their driving skills and can take taking a driving test with the confidence and expectation to pass it.


Elite Driving School
is the school for you. No matter what your fears are and what you think you think your limitations are, we can help you.


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