The Parents

It is a bittersweet time for a parent when they hear their teen begin talking about getting a Driver’s License. On one hand, you recognize your child is growing up and is ready to experience some independence, and on the other hand you worry about the responsibilities that come with having a Driver’s License. You want to be assured your teen is ready to face those responsibilities.

Getting a Driver’s License is a right of passage and something parents have to come to terms with at some point.

Enrolling your teen in a Driving School such as Elite Driving School or doing the teaching yourself is a choice you need to make.

If you decide to do this on your own, you must have a curriculum to follow. You can design your own course or you can get some assistance from the Elite Driving School Website. Additionally, the State of Connecticut has guidelines and rules that must be followed. This can be linked through the Elite Driving School Website.

Elite Driving School will provide your teen with training that will give them a solid foundation for a lifetime of safe driving!

Each lesson focuses on structured activities to help the student learn how to deal with real life situations as they present themselves in their driving experiences. The activities we discuss provide a basis for the student to take those learned lessons and translate them into positive actions when an actual situation does occur. Elite Driving School’s instructors are trained to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Students will learn at their own pace in a personalized learning atmosphere.

Enrolling in a Licensed Driving School such as Elite Driving School could result in a discount on your auto insurance premium.  We suggest that you check with your agent to take advantage of this.

With busy schedules for both mom and dad, the rule rather than the exception these days, is to have someone outside the family teaching the teen to drive.  A non-family member can help to alleviate a stressful teaching situation.

We can also provide the use of an Elite Driving School vehicle for your teen’s driving test and we can pick up and drop off your teen.

As parents, you want reassurance that your teen driver will understand and obey the rules of safe driving, know the consequences if those rules are not followed and be able to think clearly and rationally when faced with a problem while driving. Elite Driving School can provide that assurance.

Elite Driving School is different than other Driving Schools because we do not solely rely on lectures and textbooks. Our emphasis is on Classroom Interaction. While the instructor does have lessons to teach, we strive to achieve the best possible interaction between that instructor and the teen student in order to end up with a positive experience.

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